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Victorian Art and Artists

Catalogue index of the McCulloch Collection of Modern Art, with additional links to some of the paintings and artists

There is a later version of this page which is cross referenced to the associated Special Edition of the Art Journal

This page contains an annotated transcription of the index at the back of the catalogue which listed the painters and sculptors whose work was exhibited at the Royal Academy Winter Exhibition of 1909, which featured the 'McCulloch Collection of Modern Art'.

We have now associated the name of the work with its catalogue number in the right hand column below, and in many cases added links to the artists and paintings, which it is hoped will enable the reader to gain an overview of the collection and possibly inspire further reading about the world of Victorian art.

Many of the links were to the BBC Your Paintings website, which has now been superceded by the Art UK website; click to read more about Art UK below.

In a few cases we have included a description of the work from the RA catalogue.

Some of the painters are described as 'genre' painters, which simply means that they painted domestic scenes of everyday life, either indoors or outdoors; often of poor people in an agricultural setting. Many also painted portraits of the wealthy to supplement their income.

The current whereabouts of the paintings is more problematic; a few paintings, particularly the larger ones are in public galleries, some are now known by a different name to that in the catalogue, while the majority we have not been able to trace.

In the addendum at the bottom of the page we have listed other artworks in the collection which were not exhibited at the RA.

We would love to hear from you if you have any information, about the artists, paintings and sculptures that could be added to this page, particularly those for which we have no information.

Contents of this page

Transcription of index No 1, names of the painters

Transcription of index No 2, names of the sculptors

Addendum (items in the collection that were not exhibited)

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Index No 1

Names of the painters

Painter RA catalogue number
Abbey, Edwin Austin RA 50,   Richard Duke of Gloucester, and the Lady Anne
109, Lear and Cordelia (view similar)
Adam, Joseph Denovan (1842-1896) 69,   Landscape with cattle
118, To the winter tryst through Glenogle
179, Fording a highland river: Glen Finlay
324, Wayside pasture
Allan, Robert Wier, RWS 128, The wild north sea
Alma-Tadema, Anna (Miss) 308, Head of a girl
Alma-Tadema, Laura (Lady Alma-Tadema) 256, The puppet: the great reward
315, The dance
327, Loves curse (see on this page)
Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence, OM, RA 5,  The sculpture gallery
76, Loves jewelled fetter
Ansdell, Richard, RA (1815-1885) 54,  Homeward
138, The good shepherd
Aumonier, James, RI 52, Summer from the hill slopes
- -
Barber, Charles Burton (1845-1886)
Painter of children and pets
297, The lucky dog
Bastien-Lepage Jules, (1850-1886) 1,  The Potato Gatherers 1878
27, Pauvre Fauvette
89, Pas Meche
Bauernfeind, Gustav 197, The gate of the great mosque, Damascus
Baxter, Charles, (1809-1879) 304, The sisters
Bidau, Eugenie de,

This may be Eugene Bidau, listed on 'The Find a Grave' website: French painter, Officer of the Academie, born 27th Dec 1839, died 12 Dec 1899, buried  Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, Paris
198, Preparations for the Ball
Flowers and a (yellow) fan, with which a kitten is playing, lying on a table.
Canvas 34 by 45 in.
Binet, Victor Jean Baptiste

Wikipedia relates: Victor Jean Baptiste Barthelemy Binet, French painter, was born in 1849 in Rouen, died 14 January 1924 in Routot. He trained as a theatre painter but later became a landscape painter; brother of artist Adolphe Gustave Binet.
201, At Quilleboeuf, Normandy
Bishop, Walter Follen 91, Burnham beeches
Blaas, Eugene de 206, Admiration (several women and girls are looking with admiration at a fisherman). Location unknown.
Blinks, Thomas (painted sporting dogs) 218, Steady (a pointer and two setters at work in a thicket)
244, Tally ho! Away!
Bonheur, Rosa, (1812-1899) 158, The lion at home
Bortignoni, C (nothing known, but we wonder whether this was Italian painter and engraver Guiseppe Bortignoni the elder 1778 - 1860 or his son) 55, A happy visitor (a cavalier is seated, eating at a table on which is some fruit; on the other side of the table stands a monk cutting bacon). Panel 14 by 18 in.
Bougereau, William Adolphe, (1826-1905) 86, Cupid and Psyche
Bramley, Frank, ARA 179, Of such is the kingdom of heaven
Brangwyn, Frank, ARA 112, Charity
Brett, John, ARA, (1832-1902) 214, The grey of the morning
Brown, Thomas Austen 17,  The calf shed
70,  Wayside pasture
263, Fisher folk: mother and child
Bundy, Edgar, RI 335, The skipper's daughter at the shiphouse 1895
Bunny, Rupert Charles Wulfstan 300, The summer dance
(see examples of work)
Burgess, John Bagnold, RA, (1839-1897) 177, The priest's birthday
Burne-Jone, Sir Edward, Bart (1833-1898) 9,    Love among the ruins
153, The sleeping princess
162, Psyche's wedding
Butler, Elizabeth (Lady Butler) 299, The return from Inkerman (troops returning from the battle) 1877
Buttner, Helene (Austrian 1861 - 1947) 47, The Meet (numerous figures of ladies and gentlemen, standing and on horseback, near a big tree on the right; in front of a village inn is a man shoeing a white horse.
Signed and dated H Buttner, Munchen, 1888. Canvas 13 by 20 in.
- -
Cameron, Sir David Young 283, October (view looking across fields and meadows; two figues in foreground)
Charles, James, (1850-1906)
Painter at first of portraits, later mainly of landscape and rustic genre.
28,  Gathering buttercups
141, A summer's day
209, Harvest
241, A Sussex Meadow. View looking across the meadows; cattle in foreground, trees and farm-house in middle distance. This might be, or similar to, the painting now known as Meadow Scene with Cattle and Trees in the Victoria and Albert museum,
252, Watering her garden
272, The drink by the way
281, The pond
293, The lost cap
Clausen, Sir George, RA 38, The little haymakers
84,  Ploughing
236, Going to work
(examples of work)
Cole, Vicat, RA (1833-1893) 171, Abingdon
Collier, Hon John 115, A glass of wine with Caesar Borgia
Cooper, Thomas Sidney, ARA (1805-1902) 166, Cattle (see example of work)
Corbett, Edith (Mrs Matthew Ridley Corbett, second husband) 79, View by a wood near the Arno (Italy)
Corbett, Matthew Ridley, ARA (1850-1902). Read more 75,  An morning study
148, Afterglow in Italy: evening
- -
Dadd, Frank, RI. See some paintings 261, The quarrel
Dagnan-Bouveret, PAJ, HFA
(French 1852 - 1929)
Read more
60,  The madonna and child 1888
(see similar 1885)
96,  Portrait of Mrs McCulloch
104, Portraint of the late George McCulloch
189, La Cene (the Last Supper) 1896
This may have been a replica of his original masterpiece.
195, Dans la Foret
302, Head of a saint
338, Saint John (study for one of the heads in no. 189)
341, The late George McCulloch Esq (study for no. 104, crayon)
342, Portrait of Mrs George McCulloch (study for no. 96, crayon) 1900
344, Saint Thomas (study for one of the heads in no. 189)
Davis, Henry William Banks, RA 12,  A gleamy day in Picardy
20,  Loch Maree
95,  Now came still evening on
178, Summertime
Del Campo, Federico

See some paintings. One of the finest painters of Venetian views in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Born in Lima, Peru, about 1837 Del Campo studied in Madrid with Lorenzo Valles (1830-1910) and travelled in Italy. Worked mostly in Paris and London. Art dealer Arthur Tooth organised exhibitions of his work in Chicago 1893, and at Messrs Tooth's gallery, Haymarket, London in 1895 (ref 10).
We have found no record of his death or family.
279, The Ca D'Oro Venezia, 1880
Deutsch, Leopold.

George McCulloch's biographer LR McCallum suggests this is likely the painter known as Ludwig Deutsch who painted many similar subjects (ref 9).
203, Garde du Palais (an armed negro standing guard in an archway), Paris 1896
Click to view possible image
Dicksee, Frank, RA 63, The burial of the viking 1893
(large painting, now named the Funeral of a Viking in the Manchester Art Gallery, England)
Dixon, Harry 58, A tiger resting 1894
Dollman, John Charles 164, Polo (see other works)
Domingo, F. Possibly this was the Spanish painter also known as Francisco Jose Domingo Y Marques 181, The winning trick
Douglas, Edwin James
Read more
160, British matrons
Draper, Herbert James 251, The lament for Icarus
- -
East, Alfred, ARA
Read more
7,   A summer afternoon, Clairwin Valley
42,  An angry dawn
230, An autumn afternoon 1892
Eckenfelder, Friedrich 44, Horses resting (three horses resting under a tree)
Elias, Annette (Miss). Born Hayes, Kent about 1849. Painted landscapes and country subjects. Daughter of Silk Merchant Hyman Elias. Her brother, Alfred Elias, was a landscape painter. 144, Moor and meadow
306, Pasture land - Hampshire meadows
Ellis, Edwin, (1841-1895)
London marine and landscape painter.
147, Noontide
333, Yarmouth harbour
(see other works)
Emms, John, (1843 - 1912)
London sporting and animal painter.
176, Gone to earth (hunting scene)
- -
Faed, Thomas, RA, (1826 - 1900)
Scottish painter of domestic genre and Highland scenes.
22, Happy as the day is long 1872.
A woman seated at a cottage door sewing a red jacket. (see other works)
Farquarson, David, ARA, (1839 - 1907)
Scottish landscape painter.
40,  The salmon river: shades of evening
111, Full moon and spring tide
220, Winter
285, Gorse and may blossom
296, Saddleback 1896
(see other works)
Farquarson, Joseph, ARA, (1846 - 1905). Scottish landscape painter noted for winter scenes. 117, Cauld blows the wind frae east to west
Fildes, Sir Samuel Luke, RA, (1843 - 19127). Illustrator and painter. Painted portraits of royalty. Knighted 1906. 32, The Alfresco Toilette
Fisher, Mark (American 1841 - 1923) 4,   Springtime
325, A Hampshire farm (purchased by Art Gallery of New South Wales 1913)
Fletcher, William Teulon Blandford, (1858 - 1936). Landscape and genre painter. Member of the Newlyn group. 204, The village pond
Forbes, Elizabeth (Mrs Stanhope A Forbes, Canadian 1859 - 1912). Painter of rustic genre. Founded the Newlyn Art School with her husband in 1899. 11, Victor and the vanquished
331, Jean, Jeanne and Jeannette
332, The witch
(see other works)
Forbes, Stanhope A, ARA, (1857 - 1947). Painter of realist genre and a leading member of the Newlyn School. Many of his paintings were large scenes of Cornish fishing villages. 145, Forging the anchor
227, Soldiers and sailors
257, The lighthouse, a sketch
- -
Garstin, Norman, (1855 - 1926).
262, The balloon: inflated stock
Gerome, Jean Leon, HFA, (1824 - 1903) 80, An Eastern Girl, now known as The Almeh, 1873, possibly in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York?
Ghent, Peter. (British 1856 - 1911).
Painted landscapes, mostly in North Wales.
205, Nature's siesta
Gilbert, Sir John, ARA, (1817 - 1897).
Painter and watercolourist of historic genre.
235, The return of the victors, Lady Lever Art gallery
Godward, John William, (1861 - 1922).
London painter of classical genre. Subjects often pretty girls wearing flimsy robes.
210, Yes or No
(Another painting 'Memories' 1891 was donated to the Broken Hill Art Gallery by George McCulloch in 1904. Godward painted several pictures with this title.)
Goodall, Frederick, RA, (1822 - 1904).
London painter of landscapes, genre and Egyptian scenes.
267, Rebekah at the well 1866
Goodwin, Albert, RWS, (1842 - 1937).
Painter of landscapes, biblical and imaginative subjects.
142, Florence: evening
Gotch, Caroline Burland, (Mrs Thomas Cooper Gotch) 39, The peacemaker
Gotch, Thomas Cooper, (1854 - 1931)
Painter of portraits, landscapes and realist genre. Member of the Newlyn group.
131, Twixt life and death
133, The child enthroned
Gow, Andrew, Carrick, RA, (1848 - 1920). Painter of historical and military subjects. 8,    After Waterloo, Sauve Qui Peut
105, After Langside: Queen Mary's farewell to scotland
Gow, Mary L, (1851 - 1929), sister of the above, married the painter S P Hall.
Often painted pictures of girls.
314, A hot day
Grace, James Edward, (1851 - 1908).
Landscape painter and illustrator.
51, Untrodden ways
Graham, Peter, RA, (Edinburgh 1836 - 1921). Scottish painter of landscapes and coastal scenes. 59,  Where gannets build
97,  The hamlet by the sea
120, Caledonia stern and wild
139, A highland glen
165, Evening time
Graham, Thomas Alexander Ferguson, HRSA, (1840 - 1906). Scottish painter, often scenes of fishing and country life. 295, Orpheus and Eurydice
Gregory, Edward John, RA, PRI, (1850 - 1909). Illustrator and painter of genre and portraits. 83, The old wedding gown, also now known as great grandmothers wedding dress (worn by a little girl).
- -
Hacker, Arthur ARA 159, Vae Victis! The sack of Morocco by the Almohades donated to the Broken Hill Art gallery, NSW in 1913.
Halswelle, Keeley, (1832 - 1891) 34, On the Thames near Sonning, 1878
Harpignies, Henri 34, Une soiree d'automne
(see other works)
Hayes, Edwin, (1831 - 1904) 18, Off the coast, Portrush
65, Tantallon castle
Heffner, Karl (German 1849 - 1925) 48,  Silvery morn, Munchen
134, Landscape
(see other works)
Hemy, Charles Napier, ARA
marine painter
98,  A light catch
157, The crew
174, Crabber's bait (now in Towneley Town Hall)
287, Bass fishing
Henshall, J Henry, RWS 313, Her daughter's legacy
Hill, James John, (1811 - 1882) 167, Summer afternoon on the downs
Hillingford, Robert Alexander 155, Priscilla's wedding
Hitchcock, George 64, Maternite, Aberdeen Art Gallery
Holmbert, August Johann, (German 1851 - 1911; nowadays the surname is recorded as Holmberg)
Listed in Oxford Art online
114, The connoisseur
Hook, James Clarke, RA (1819 - 1907) 239, Hearts of oak
Hornel, Edward Atkinson an associate of the Glasgow Boys 292, Water Nymphs, described as, two little girls seated on a leafy bank, near a pond covered with water-lilies. Signed and dated EA Hornel 1904. Canvas 35 by 29 in.
The Glasgow Herald newspaper of July 8th 1982 reported that the Glasgow Fine Art Society had purchased the painting for £15,500 at auction from a private individual, but were likely to sell it on.
Hughes-Stanton, Horace 110, The George, Fontainebleau
Humborg, Adolf 183, The mishap 1887, also known as a mishap in the cloister's kitchen
Hunter, Colin ARA, (1841 - 1904)
Sea painter
291, The Ayrshire coast
- -
Inglis, J Johnstone, (Dublin 1867 - 1946)
Painted landscapes, the majority Highland scenes.
88, The evening sun has sunk to rest, mang moors and mosses mony o.
(A moor with marshy ground in front; mountains beyond).
- -
Joanowitch, Paul, (Serbia, 1859 - 1957)

We think he may be the painter recorded on Wikipedia as Paja Jovanovic
180, An Albanian home, also now known as the music lesson
(A little girl with a musical instrument is being led by another girl to play before four men, three seated and one standing; near the man on the right is a child with a coffee tray. Signed and dated P Joanowitch, Paris, 1880. Canvas 37 by 58 in.)
Johnson, Charles Edward, RI (1832 - 1913). Landscape painter. One of his paintings is in the Tate Gallery. 211, The falls of Tummel, Pethshire
Johnston, Alexander, (1815 - 1891) 85,  The press gang
149, John Anderson, my Jo.
- -
Kennington, Thomas Benjamin, (1856 - 1916). Portrait and genre painter. Mostly scenes of upper class life, particularly mothers and children. 254, Mischief 1891
(Heads of three girls who are laughing and talking).
Kiesel, Conrad 202, There is sweet music here, that softer falls than petals from blown roses on the grass 1891
King, Henry John Yeend, RI, (1855 - 1924). Well known london painter of landscapes and rustic scenes. 21, The lass that loves a sailor
25, The Fisherman
29, The harbour: low tide
35,  Beehives
74,  In a Derbyshire dale
82,  Lyndale, Devon
108, Autumn's wooing
151, The miller's daughter
280, Homeward bound, possibly now known as the goose girl
Knight, John William Buxton, (1842 - 1908). Landscape painter and watercolourist. 298, The pier: sunset, view of a harbour looking out to sea 1898
(see other works)
- -
La Thangue, Henry Herbert, ARA, (1859 - 1929). Painter of landscapes and rustic scenes of farmers and country life. 124, The water splash, Bath & North East Somerset's Victoria Art Gallery 126, Cider apples, Art Gallery of NSW
Lavery, Sir John, RSA, RA, RHA, (1856 - 1941). Well known prolific portrait, genre and landscape painter. One of the the set known as the 'Glasgow Boys'. 236, Gilda: a flower girl
(see other works)
Lawson, Cecil Gordon, (1851 - 1882)
Landscape painter and watercolourist.
101, Marshlands
Leader, Benjamin Williams, RA, (1831 - 1923). Worcester landscape painter. 71,  Mead and stream
127, Worcester cathedral
130, When the sun is set: a Worcestershire village, 1892
222, Conway bay and the Carnarvonshire coast
Leighton, Edmund Blair, (1853 - 1922).
Historical genre painter.
219, Lay thy sweet hand in mine and trust in me
Leighton, Lord Frededic, PRA, RWS, HRCA, HRSW, (1830 - 1896). Painter of historical and mythological subjects. Knighted 1878, made Baronet 1886, and raised to the peerage in 1896. 41,  The Garden of the Hesperides
100, The Daphnephoria
These were amongst the best of his work, and now in the Lady Lever Art Gallery.
Lhermitte, Leon Augustin (French 1844 - 1925). French draughtsman, printmaker, painter and illustrator. Legion d'honneur. 53,  The harvesters
194, Noonday rest
307, Haymakers
309, Gleaners
Above paintings not traced - Lhermitte painted a great many similar harvest scenes.
Linton, Sir James Dromgole, RI, (London 1840 - 1916). Lithographer; painter of figure, portrait, and historical subjects. 276, The bridge, 1893
Logsdail, William, (1859 - 1944). Landscape and genre painter. Friend of Frank Bramley, influenced by Newlyn School and known for his scenes of London. 154, The Bank of England
334, A summer evening near St Raphael 1891
Lommens, W
This is probably Wilhelm Lommen (German, 1838 - 1895)
184, A coming storm
(A heavy tree trunk is being drawn by three horses along a sandy road leading past a cottage into a wood; stormy sky. Signed W Lommens. Canvas 38 by 61 in. Click for image
Lucas, John Seymour, RA, RI, (1849 - 1923). London genre painter. 125, The call to arms
Lucas, Marie Elizabeth Cornelissen Seymour (1855 - 1921) wife of above.
Painter of genre, and domestic subjects, particularly children. Also illustrated children's books.
311, Types of English Beauty (heads of three children)
- -
MacCallum, John Thomas Hamilton, (1841 - 1896) 173, High, low, jack and the game.
(On the deck of a barge are four men playing cards).
Macbeth, Robert Walker, RA, RI, RPE, RWS, (1848 - 1910). Painter of pastoral landscapes and rustic scenes. 119, The miller's daughter (fishing)
132, The coming storm
McCulloch, Horatio, RSA, (Glasgow 1805 - 1867). Popular Scottish landscape painter. 237, A highland castle
McGregor, Robert, RSA, (1848 - 1922).
Scottish painter of pastoral landscapes and rustic genre.
129, Three generations, Harris museum and art gallery
McClachlan, Thomas Hope, (1845 - 97).
Landscape painter
24, The evening star
MacNab, Peter, RBA, (1830 - 1900).
London landscape and rustic genre painter.
319, The fisherman's daughter
McTaggart, Sir William, RSA, RSW, (1835 - 1910). Scottish painter of landscape and coastal scenes. 207, Love's whispers
226, Away over the sea
229, Children at the seaside
MacWhirter, John, RA, HRSA, RI, RE, (1839 - 1911). Scottish landscape painter. 3,    A highland bay
73,  The sleep that is among the lonely hills
215, A spate: Glen Affaric
(see other works)
Majer, Gustav, (German, 1847 - 1900) 213, Gallant Attentions, Munchen

Click for image
Maris, James

Also known as Jacobus Henricus Maris, (Dutch 1838 - 1899)
192, A Dutch landscape
(View looking across a river which flows along the foreground past a sluice;  on the further bank is a windmill, with cottages near; a second windmill is seen in the right distance. Signed and dated J Maris, '78. Canvas 31 by 57 in.)
The painting is now in the National Gallery of Art in Washington (ref 9).
Click for image courtesy of NGA
Maris, Matthew, brother of the above
Click for entry on Wikipedia
321, At the well 1872
Marshall, Herbert Menzies, RWS, RE, (1841 - 1913). London topographical artist, watercolourist and architect. 30, The Embankment, view looking along the Embankment, towards Houses of Parliament; New Scotland Yard seen on the right, snow on the ground, 1894.
(see other work)
Menpes, Mortimer, RI, RBA, RE, (Australia 1855 - 1938). Painter watercolourist and etcher; painted street and market scenes in Britain and abroad. 264, Because the river was holy
303, The yellow girl
Michie, James Coutts, ARSA, SSA, (1860 - 1919). Scottish landscape and portrait painter. Member of Aberdeen Art Society. His sister Mary Michie was a watercolourist, flower painter and art teacher. He married the widow of his patron George McCuloch. See painting of by John Pettie. 6,    'Home from the Hill', an old man, followed by a dog, driving some sheep along a road by a cottage; blue sky with clouds. Signed J Coutts Michie. Canvas 29 by 49 inches (donated to the Broken Hill Art Gallery)
19,  Portrait of Mrs McCulloch
113, Harvest
245, Autumn sunshine
346, Portrait of Mrs A McCulloch
(see other work)
Millais, Sir John Everett Bart, PRA, HRI, HRCA, (1829 - 1896). Famous painter, watercolourist and illustrator. 10, Sir Isumbras at the Ford, 1857, Lady Lever Art Gallery
15, In perfect bliss
16, Lingering autumn 1890
310, Sir Isumbras at the ford (small water colour replica of no. 10)
Mitchell, John Campbell (Argyll, Scotland 1862 - 1922). Son of a wine merchant, painted landscape and marine scenes. 228, Knockbrex moor
(View Knockbrex moor now)
Moore, Albert Joseph, ARWS, (1841 - 1893). Specialised in colourfull paintings of classical Grecian figures. 232, Winds and seasons
(see examples of work)
Moore, Henry, RA, RWS, (1831 - 1895). Brother of above. Marine painter and watercolourist. 31,  A breezy day
33,  A breezy day off the Isle of Wight
161, Off Gerran bay, Cornwall
243, Ouside Calais
Morgan, Frederick, ROI, (1847 - 1927).
Popular painter of portraits, animals and children.
217, Granpapas birthday
(see examples of work)
Muller, Leopold Carl, (1834 - 1892) 190, An arab encampment
Munkacsy, Michael, (Hungarian 1844 - 1900) 56,  Tete a Tete
188, After dessert
Murray, Sir David, RA, HSRA, RSW, RI, (Glasgow 1849 - 1933). Scottish landscape painter. On his death he left a bequest to the RA to encourage landscape painters. 78,  Long after, Corfe Castle, Nottingham Castle art gallery
81,  The canal
99,  The half moon
103, Mangolds
143, The river road
146, Above the mill, Russell Cotes art gallery, Bournemouth
152, The white heat, Glasgow museums
163, Thistledown
212,  Dee side
216,  England's canals: Kennet and Avon 1895
221, Hampshire
266, Mead and stream: late evening 1897
277, Evening
316,  Apple blossom: springtime
318, The shepherd 1892
323, Corfe castle 1894
- -
Noble, John Sargent, RBA, (1849 - 1946). London animal and sporting painter. 305, Dogs and game
(see examples of work)
Noble, Robert, RSA, (1857 - 1917)
Scottish landscape and genre painter.
137, By the river
(see examples of work)
North, John William, ARA, RWS, (1842 - 1924). Painter of landscapes and genre; illustrator and wood engraver. 49, Early spring
- -
Oliver, William the younger (English 1823 - 1901). Painted figures, mostly girls. 94, Tis best to be off with the old love before you are on with the new. (A seated lady is watching a man and woman embracing).
Orchardson, Sir William Quiller, RA 72, Music, when sweet voices die, vibrates in the memory (lady playing a harp)

77, The Young Duke, 1887, Lady Lever Art Gallery
240, Blossoms fair
290, Master baby, Scottish National Gallery
Orpen, William 270, The mirror, Tate Britain
Osborne, Walter Frederick, (Irish 1859 - 1903) 288, Feeding poultry
- -
Parsons, Alfred, ARA 107, The lonely farm
123, The rain is over and gone
(see other works)
Partielie, Edouard (Belgian, 1861 - 1949) 271, Entangled (a girl winding wool which is held by a man seated in front of her)
Parton, Ernest 62, Summer in Picardy
Peacock, Ralph 282, A study (girl in white leaning on a balustrade, 1896, model, Mary Lloyd)
Peppercorn, Arthur Douglas 224, The Estuary
322, The placid river
Petrie, Graham, RI 234, Waiting for the ferry
Pettie, John, RA, (1839 - 1893) 90,  The threat (1875, man in armour standing in a gateway)
253, The jester's merry thought
268, Portrait of a lady
278, Sylvia
Portrelberger, R

We think this may be Robert Poetzelberger (1856 - 1930) an Austrian painter, sculptor and art professor.
Click to view German Wikipedia
193, The Horse Race (Munchen, 1885, a man is driving a cart at speed  pulled by two horses)
Pradilla Ortiz, Francisco, (Spanish 1848 - 1921) 185, Boabdil's farewell to Granada
(see similar)
Priestman, Bertram 238, The watering place: evening (1899)
- -
Rackham, Arthur 255, Andromeda (Andromeda in a blue robe, chained to a rock on which is seen the dragon)
337, Scene from 'a midsummer night's dream' (1905)
Rae, Henrietta (Mrs Ernest Normand) 156, Psyche before the throne of Venus
(see on ARC website)
Reid, John Robertson, RI 135, The poor are the friends of the poor
284, The little poacher
345, The mermaid's arrival
Riviere, Briton, RA 26, So near and yet so far
(see other work)
Ronner, Henriette (Madame), RI 275, Kittens (see on this page)
Roubaud, Franz (Russian) 191, The national game, Samarkand
Roybet, Victor Leon Ferdinand (French) 199, Un propos galant (1893, see on this page)
- -
Sack, Edward (no information) 330, The shiek's daughter (oriental interior: two partially draped females lying on a divan)
Saltmer, Florence Adela, (little known British, genre and rustic landscape painter 1846 - 1934).
Her sister Augusta was a miniature painter and her sister Eleanor, a writer.
57, Harvest: Ewhurst
Sargent, John Singer, RA 46, On his holiday: salmon fishing in Norway. A sketch (boy standing on a rock)
116, On his holiday: salmon-fishing in Norway
247, Portrait of the late George McCulloch Esq
259, Salmon hanging up on the wall of a wooden hut
339, The late George McCulloch Esq (head, inscribed to my friend Mrs McCulloch)
343, Master Alec McCulloch (head, inscribed to Mrs McCulloch) Aug 17 1901
(some other works)
Schmutzler, Leopold (German 1864 - 1921) 231, A welcome visitor (two ladies seated at a table are welcoming an officer in uniform)
Shannon, James Jebusa, ARA 37,  Magnolia
136, Fairy tales
Sims, Charles, ARA (British 1873 - 1928)
(His eldest son attended Wells House prep school in Malvern Wells. Charles Sims was the son in law of landscape painter John MacWhirter)
140, The Kite, National Museum Cardiff
248, Washing-day
260, Drying-day
Solomon, Soloman Joseph, RA 93, The judgement of Paris (1891, full length nude figure of Venus, untraced)
See print
Sorbi, Raffaello (Italian) 242, Blind-man's buff (1888 numerous figures playing blind-man's buff on a village green).
Stokes, Adrian Scott RA, VPRWS (1854 - 1935) 2,    The Setting Sun
326, The Edge of the River
Stokes, Marianne, (Mrs Adrian Stokes, Marianne Preindlsberger, Austrian 1855 - 1927) 14,   The goat-herd
106, The page and the queen
289, Flora
Stone, Marcus, RA 68, A gambler's wife
Stott, Edward, ARA (1859 - 1918)
Not to be confused with William Stott of Oldham!
36,  The harvesters' return
265, The widow's acre
273, The inn: evening
274, The little apple gatherer
301, Evening
Strutt, Alfred William, RCA, RBC, ARE, (1856 - 1924), born in New Zealand, before his family returned to England in 1856, where he was educated at the South Kensington School of Art. Animal, genre, and portrait painter. 223, In a fix (an old woman in a cart containing poultry, geese and vegetables is vainly endeavouring to make her donkey, which is standing still in the middle of a ford, advance).
Click for image
Strutt, William, father of Alfred, above (1825 - 1915) 150, Pot luck
Swan John Macallan, RA
Initially studied at the Worcester School of Art
23,  Orpheus, 1896, Lady Lever Art Gallery
320, A tiger drinking
Also see under sculptors, below
Swynnerton, Annie Louisa ARA (1844 - 1933, maiden name Robinson, husband of Joseph William) 294, Thoughts - seated old lady facing the spectator leaning on a balustrade.
(see other work)
- -
Thaulow, Fritz (Norwegian) 182, A river in an autumn sunset
186, A factory in Norway, Aberdeen Art Gallery
329, A river in winter, with trees
336, An old factory in Norway
Thomson, John Leslie, RI. Scottish painter of landscape and coastal scenes, born Aberdeen 1851 died 1829 208, Evening with the nymphs - several nude females ona sandy shore.
233, Noonday with nymphs - several nymphs bathing in a river (untraced).
Trood, William Henry Hamilton, (British painter of animals 1848 - 1899).  246, A youthful indiscretion - a puppy sleeping beside a broken gin bottle.
Tuke, Henry Scott, ARA 170, The swimmers' pool
(see sketch for)
- -
Van Haanen, Cecil, (Dutch 1844 - 1915) 200, La Sagra (see on this page)
Villegas y Cordero, Jose, (Spanish 1848 - 1922) 196, Palm Sunday - procession in a Venetian church in fifteenth century.
- -
Waite, Robert Thorne, RWS, (British landscape, mostly water colour painter 1842 - 1935) 312, Harvesters - a harvest waggon filled with harvesters in a hay field.
(see other work)
Waller, Samuel Edmund, (1850 - 1903), genre and animal painter. 168, One and Twenty, 1891, figures some in hunting costume toast person on steps of a manor house.
Waterhouse, John William, R, read about his painings 61,   Saint Cecilia 1895
66,   Flora and the Zephyrs 1897; (possibly this was purchased by retired merchant Zachary Merton in 1913.)
122, Ophelia 1894
Waterlow, Sir Ernest Albert, RA, PWRS, (1850 - 1919), landscape and animal painter. 92,  The orphan, a shepherd in charge of a flock is about to feed a lamb.
169, Autumn glory, a river in the foreground, to the left a man in a punt.
Watson, George Spencer RA, (1869 - 1934), painted portraits and figurative subjects. 175, Mother and Child, a lady seated at a dressing table, has turned round to look at a boy on a bed.
(see other works)
Watts, George Frederick, OM, RA, (1817 - 1904) 67, Fata Morgana
Whistler, James Abbott McNeil (1834 - 1903)
Read more
249, Valparaiso (now in the Smithsonian American art museum)
299, Portrait of the painter
Wingate, Sir James Lawton, PRSA, (Scottish 1846 - 1924), landscape painter. 102, Blithe May-Day, rising ground on which two men are lain down beside a horse and cart.
Wood, Emmie Stewart (1863 - 1937).
Landscape painter; Studied Slade School and Juliens, Paris. ASWA 1887, Society of Women Artists 1893.  Born Emmeline Walthew at Stockport, the daughter of cotton spinner John Walthew JP and first wife Mary Ann Lister. Her stepmother Susan Bell Faed was also an artist. Emmie married Rev Samuel George Wood, the son of merchant John Atkinson Wood in 1889 by whom she had a son.
13, Landscape
225, Chilly autumn
250, Through the fields
258, Summer-time
Woods, Henry, RA, (1846 - 1921), painter of Venetian genre. Brother in law of painter Luke Fildes. 45,  The christening, now known as a Venetian Christening Party
121, The flower seller: Venice, also known as La Frinlanella. Lady standing on terrace with basket of flowers.
328, Good afternoon! 1897, scene in an Italian village; a man carrryinga scythe is standing talking to some girls on the staircase of a house.
Wright, Alan (no information) 187, The wedding dress
Wyllie, William Lionel, RA, (1851 - 1931) painter and etcher of coastal and marine subjects. 317, Toil and grime on a flowing tide
- -
Zezzos, Alexandre E

Recorded on Wikipedia as Alessandro Zessos (1848 - 1914) an Italian painter
43, Flirtation

Index No 2

Names of the Sculptors

Sculptor RA catalogue number
Bastien-Lepage, Jules, (1850 - 1886) 352, Statuette, bronze, a peasant woman leaning on a staff
Cambi, Andrei (Italian, no information) 349, Statue, marble, Curiosity. Draped figure of a girl looking at a letter
Ford, Edward Onslow, RA 355, Statue, bronze, Echo. Nude female figure standing with uplifted arms
357, Bust, bronze. Portrait of the late George McCulloch
Gilbert, Alfred 356, Statuette, bronze, Comedy and Tragedy. A boy carrying a comic mask has been stung on the leg and his face assumes a tragic aspect
358, Statuette, bronze, St George
Rodin, Auguste 353, Group, marble, The Kiss.
(According to the sale particulars of 1913 this was not the sculpture we now associate with that name, but a group in white statuary marble of two female figures, one of them winged, clasped in an embrace; 20 inches high. The sculpture made 2,900 guineas at auction in 1913 and was purchased by Blake. As of 2017 the sculpture was in the National Museum of Wales and is renamed 'The Clouds'.
Swan, John Macallan, RA 347, Statuette,bronze, a leopard running
348, Group, bronze, a puma carrying a macaw in its moth
351, Group, bronze, Orpheus. Nude figure of Orpheus playing with a lyre to two leopards
354, Statuette, bronze, a lioness
360, Statuette, bronze, A leopard drinking
Taubman, Frank Mowbray, (British 1848 - 1946) 359, Group, bronze, Rescued. Two figures embracing across the body of a dead wolf
Vichi, Ferdinando, (Italian 1875 - 1945) 350, Statue, marble, Master Alec McCulloch. Full length figure in highland dress



George McCulloch's biographer 'LR McCallum' relates that not all artworks sold by Christie, Manson and Wood in 1913 were displayed at the RA Winter Exhibition in 1909 (ref 11):

Transcription of Items from the Christie, Manson & Woods Catalogue of the Collection of George McCulloch for 23, 29, and 30 May 1913, which do not appear in the I909 Royal Academy of Arts, Winter Exhibition. Items are listed in the order they appear in the sale catalogue.

Many of the artists listed below are to be found in the Dictionary of Victorian Painters (ref 8) from which, and other sources, we have added forenames.

Artist (drawings) Sale catalogue number
Franceschi, Mariano De,
Italian, 1849 - 1896
1. Past and Present, 19 ½ by 21 in
Simoni, Gustavo,
Italian, 1846 - 1926
4. The Standard-Bearer and the Herald, 1877, 22 by 15 ¼ in
Vizrotto, G (Venice)
Not identified, but we wondered if this might be the man now known as Giuseppe Vizzotti Alberti, 1862 - 1931.
7. The Farewell, 26 by 14 ½ in
Bromley, John Mallard, 1858 - 1939 202. Pangbourne on the Thames, 29 ½ by 49 ½ in
Bromley, John Mallard 203. Haddon, from the Meadows, 29 ½ by 49 ½ in
Coleman, William Stephen, British, 1829 - 1904
book illustrator and painter; born in Horsham; studied to be a surgeon and turned to art after practising for some time. He was a keen naturalist, and painted for the Illustrated News and the London Almanac. Until 1881 he was on the committee of the Dudley Gallery.
click to see examples of work
204. In the Cornfield, 1867, 13 by 21 ½ inch
Darey, Louis, French, 1863 - 1914
painter of dogs, hunting scenes and agricultural landscapes; worked predominantly with oils.
205. Birds and Weasel, 1900, 18 by 15 in
Dibdin, Thomas Coleman, British, 1810- 1893 206. The Ruined Castle, 1870, 26 by 20 ½ in
Geddes, Ewan, Scottish, 1866 - 1935 207. Pastureland, 1891, 7 by 12 in
Greenaway, Kate, 1846 - 1901
Well known illustrator of childrens' books
209. The Frontpiece for a Calendar, 7 by 9 ½ in
Hunt, W (not identified) 210. A Boy Kneeling at Prayer, 14 ¾ by 10 in
Lloyd, Walter Stuart, British, 1875 - 1929
(a water-colourist who produced both marine and landscape scenes of pleasant and restful subjects with sound draughtsmanship and pleasing colours)
211. Autumn Evening, Newton Ferrers, 22 ½ by 37 ½ in
McCloy, Samuel, Irish, 1831- 1904
(listed as Macloy, S)
212. A Fisherman’s Wife, 13 by 10 ½ in
Mole, John Henry, British, 1814 - 1886 214. In The Garden, 9 ½ by 14 in
Sainton, Charles Prosper, 1861 - 1914
Portrait, figure and landscape painter and silver-point artist. Studied at the Slade School and later in Florence and Paris. Son of violinist Prosper Philippe Catherine Sainton.
217. 1890. 'A Family Group', and 'A Pair I Meet' – a pair. Vignettes; silver-points
Smith, Carlton Alfred, British, 1853 - 1946
studied in France and at the Slade School in London. He married the painter Martha Sarah King and lived in London and Surrey, visiting India in 1916. He exhibited at the Royal Academy and at the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colors.
218. First Steps, 1886, 22 ½ by 30 ½ in
Webb, Archibald, British, 1825 - 1886, or possibly by his son of same name. 220. On the Lower Thames, 1888, 19 by 29 ½ in
Webb, Archibald 221. An Old Village, Sunset; and Boats on a Dutch Canal – a pair, 1888. 11 by 10 in
Artist (pictures) Sale catalogue number
Massani, Pompeo
Italian, 1850 - 1920
36. The Golden Wedding, 6 ¾ by 8 in
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
Wood, Miss Emmie Stewart 94. The Bickling Burn. A stream flowing through a pasture towards a farm in the distance. 39 by 59 in
Wood, Miss Emmie Stewart 198. Meadowland. A peasant woman approaching along a footpath, 40 by 59 ½ in
Bates, David
(lived in Great Malvern at Holly Mount Cottage, for some years)
228. A Welsh Lake Scene, 15 ½ by 23 ½ in
Beetholme, George Law, British, 1826 - 1904
London, landscape painter, and solicitor
Click to see an example of work
229. A Waterfall, 27 ½ by 21 ½ in
Niemann, Edmund John, 1813 - 1876
Painter of landscapes, angling subjects and marines. His German born father was a member of Lloyd's of London.
291. A River Scene, with a water-mill; and Florence from the Arno – a pair. 7 ½ by 18 in
Sainton, Charles Prosper
(see above)
306. Two Children in a Hayfield. On panel, 6 ¾ by 10 in
Sainton, Charles Prosper 307. Springtime; and Fishermen by a Boat. On panel (no measurements)
Thorn-Waite, Robert
Otherwise Waite, Robert Thorne, RWS, (British landscape, mostly water colour painter 1842 - 1935)
318. New-mown hay. A group of hay-makers, in a wagon, in a field. 11 by 18 in.
Manchester Art Gallery
Thors, Joseph, Dutch, 1835 - 1920
Worked mostly in Britain, and like David Bates was associated with the 'Birmingham School'.
Click to see other work
319. River Scenes, with buildings and figures; and Burnham Beeches (no measurements)
Trood, William Henry Hamilton, British, 1848 - 1899
Painter of animals, mostly dogs
320. The Dog’s Home, Battersea, 1882, 19 by 24 in
Wood, Miss Emmie Stewart
(see above)
322. Sunny Days. A river scene, with a rustic bridge and an angler. 23 by 35 in
Artist (statuary and bronzes) Sale catalogue number
Cain, Auguste, French, 1821 - 1894 96. Chanticleer.  A large figure of a cock crowing.
The figure in bronze, on a circular green marble pedestal. 35 inches high.
The cockerel is the national emblem of France.

About the Art UK website

Some of the links above point to the Art UK website which is a good place for the beginner to search for images of works of art. To quote from their website:

  • Art UK is a registered charity previously known as the Public Catalogue Foundation.

  • The website is a joint initiative between Art UK and art collections from across the UK. Project partners include the BBC, Oxford University Press, the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association, Culture 24, the Visual Geometry Group at Oxford University, and the University of Glasgow.

  • Art UK’s mission is to open up public collections for enjoyment, learning and research; it supports public collections to show their artworks online.


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  7. Billcliffe Roger, The Glasgow Boys. The Glasgow School of Painting 1875 - 1895, John Murray (publishers), first printed 1985.
  8. Wood Christopher, Dictionary of British Art Vol IV, Victorian Painters, 1995.
  9. Communication from LR McCallum, December 2016
  10. The Times, Monday November 4th 1895
  11. Communication from LR McCallum, January 2017

(Note: reference 8 is in two parts. The first volume contains brief details of about 1,100 painters, and the second contains more about some of these painters with illustrations of some of their paintings; mostly these are black and white plates. The cover of the first volume shows the middle of a charming painting by George Earl 1824 - 1908 named Going North. It depicts an appealling group of Victorian travellers and their dogs, mostly Setters, at a railway station. An earlier version of Going North was painted in 1875 and a sister painting made named Coming South).

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