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Victorian Art and Artists (book review)

The McCulloch Collection

Paintings, Sculpures, & Tapestries of a Broken Hill 'Silver King'

by Lawrence Robert McCallum


The McCulloch collection book coverIn modern times few people will have heard of George McCulloch and the Victorian paintings he collected in his home at 184 Queens Gate in London.

The publication of the first illustrated book about the collection more than 100 years after the collector's death is therefore a scholarly achievement.

This book brings together information about the title of the paintings, the dimensions of the works, sale price, present location (if known) and picture notes.

The illustrations are sufficient to indicate the nature of the work, but cannot of course always show the fine detail of the original. The Daphnephoria, for example, by Lord Leighton which is now in the Lady Lever Art gallery is 204 inches wide and occupies a wall.

We like Victorian art, but sadly it seems never to have been held in especially high regard by the art world. Nevertheless we think that this is a reference book that should be on the shelf of every university art department, representing as it does, a particular era in British and European history.


Author's summary

Book on the Art Collection of George McCulloch 1848-1907

This book describes the art collection of George McCulloch and the art collecting period of his life in Kensington, London from 1887 until his death in December 1907. It was the modern art of the day – Millais, Whistler, Burne-Jones, La Thangue and more. Some 437 works by 244 different artists. The book also describes the sale of the collection, primarily at Christie’s and where some of the paintings are today.

528 pages, 188 coloured and 125 black and white or sepia images of the collection and 23 images from his collecting life.

H 21 cm x W 15 cm x D 3.5 cm

Author and publisher: Lawrence Robert McCallum

Printed by Clarity Press, Christchurch, New Zealand in 2018

 ISBN 978-0-473-44171-5

Tags: Ship Builder – Port Glasgow; Sheep Station Manager – Mount Gipps; New South Wales Mining Company Director – Broken Hill Proprietary Company Ltd; Art Collector – Kensington, London.

How to buy

The McCulloch Collection, can be obtained by emailing the author at:


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 Price $48.00 NZD

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USA, UK, Europe, and Canada $36.00 NZD

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Rear cover of book  The McCulloch Collection

Rear cover of book


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