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About us

We are a retired couple living in the rural Malvern Hills area of Worcestershire in England. Our hobbies include amateur photography, a little walking, gardening, DIY, family history research, local and social history, browsing the Internet, web site design, church, and WI. We also enjoy attending U3A meetings which are a great opportunity to meet other people and learn new things.

The website

RosemaryOur website is designed to work with desktop PCs, connected to the Internet by a broadband connection of ideally 10 Mb/s or higher. It also seems to work with laptops and Ipads, but it is not intended for use with mobile devices having small displays, such as smart-phones.

The website was initially set up just as a means of learning and experimenting with simple HTML code, using the Microsoft Frontpage 2000 editor and Windows XP. We have since moved through Windows 7, 8, and 10 to Windows 11, on the way 'upgrading' to the free version of the Microsoft Expression Web 4 editor which is functionally very similar to Frontpage 2000.

(Note: time moves on, and the Expression Web 4 webpage editor is no longer offered as a download from either the Microsoft website or the Windows Store. However, we were able successfully to download a free copy onto our Windows 11 desktop computer from www.archive.org).

Initially we relied heavily on tables for layout of the pages, but from that we graduated to using a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to control much of the formatting making the construction of the web pages simpler.

We decided at an early stage that using Javascript, eg for drop down menus, was much too complicated for us; that is, apart from using a small segment to provide the date and time on the Home Page from your computer clock. Cookies are not used

AngusThe navigation bar is a simple HTML list, but relies on the cascading style sheet to display the buttons in a row as block level elements.

To cope with different screen sizes we have chosen to use fixed width pages, compatible with a smallest screen resolution of 800 X 600 px. If necessary adjust the zoom on your browser to make the text easier to read.

When we started, most users in the UK had slow dial up Internet connections, so we kept images to a minimum, but now that most people in the UK are on Broadband we have opted to add a lot more pictures. Our  first pages were about visiting the Malvern Hills. As time has gone on, and as a result of our interests, you will see that we have added to the pages in a piecemeal fashion. For example see family history and local history menus. Also included are a few miscellaneous topics such as 'Safety in the Home' and how to convert between imperial and metric units.

Many of these pages such as those about the shops in Barnards Green, are snapshots reflecting the situation as it was on a particular day. Shops open and close and businesses change hands frequently and it is not possible for us always to keep up to date. However do please tell us if information needs updating and we will do our best to put matters right.

We share the historical stories we have pieced together not only with a view to helping others researching  local, social, and family history, but also in order to invite feedback from anyone who would like to offer either corrections or additional material.

Provision has been made for Blogs which can be found under the Other Resources button, but  we haven't posted much apart from recording the progress of the COVID pandemic and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

The Malvern Hills logoAny opinions voiced are our own.

We hope you find something to interest you!


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