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Parking at Waitrose

Waitrose in Great Malvern is a good place to shop and it has a large car park, but at times the car park can become full resulting in people cruising round waiting for someone to leave - so in order to stop non-shoppers parking all day a maximum stay of 2 hours was introduced in 2017.

However on 23rd November 2017 we noticed that Free Customer Parking at Waitrose had been increased from 2 hours to 3 hours - thankyou Waitrose.

This is what we originally wrote when the 2 hour parking restriction came into force:

CP signWaitrose Great Malvern had a graduated scale of charges until July 2017 when a more punitive regime for overstaying was introduced.

The reason for this is to discourage people parking all day who do not use the store, thus making it easier for genuine customers to park during busy periods.

Visitors to the town and residents should be aware that you may be liable to a penalty of 70 if you park for longer than 2 hours.

Photo opposite, notice at car park entrance.

Another notice, at the store, says if you pay within 14 days the charge will be reduced by 40% which still equates to a stiff penalty charge of 42.

A member of staff we spoke to said that the car park would not be monitored by CCTV and automatic number plate recogition but by a car park warden who would note car arrival times, and book overstayers after first checking with the store (see note below).

In case you did not notice the sign at the car park entrance, there is another sign on the wall near the store entrance, and currently a sign on the pavement (see photo below).

Car park sign

The sign on the wall next to the store entrance contains the small print but it is so small older people may have difficulty reading it (see photo below).

Waitrose car park small print

The small print

Here is a transcription:

Important terms and conditions

This car park is private property; parking is operated subject to the terms and conditions within this notice (the 'Parking Contract') and by parking, waiting or otherwise remaining within this private car park you enter into a contract with the private operator and agree to comply with the parking contract. You are authorised to park only if you follow these terms and conditions; if you fail to comply you accept liability to pay the fee for unauthorised parking (the 'Parking Charge').

Parking charges incurred will in the first instance be notified to the Driver by issuing a Parking Charge to the vehicle.

Should a Parking Charge Notice be issued to your vehicle and payment is not received within 28 days we may contact the DVLA to request registered keeper details.

Personal data may also be shared with the BPA, FOPLA, collection agents or solicitors for this purpose.

A reduction of at least 40% of the parking charge will be available for a period of 14 days, failure to pay the parking charge in this period will result in the full amount becoming payable.

Where parking charges remain unpaid beyond 28 days recovery charges in respect of further action may apply.

Waitrose Ltd will not be liable for any loss or damage to personal property or for death or injury caused by third parties in this car park.

Operated by Britannia Parking Group. Britannia House, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 5PS. Tel 0345 555 888.


We had a chat with the car park warden who said that parking would be free when the store was closed. During weekdays the store shuts at 9 pm, which suggests to us that people going to the theatre, for example, might be able to park for free after 7 pm, but you had best check with the Waitrose customer service desk near the store entrance.

It was also suggested that customers likely to exceed 2 hours, for example by using the cafe after a big shop, might be able to have their car details entered into the visitors' book at the Welcome Desk - which should avoid a penalty as the traffic warden is meant to check permitted parking in the visitor book, before issuing a penalty.

You are advised to confirm these possible relaxations with the store.


Parking at the Malvern Shopping Park

Parking at Morrisons

Morrisons supermarket on the Malvern Shoppig Park in Malvern Link currently allows free parking for up to 3 hours. If you exceed this there is a penalty similar to that at Waitrose.

Parking outside the other shops

At the time of writing there is no time limit for parking on the other side of the Malvern Shopping Park. The car park can be busy at times and queues of cars can build up waiting to collect fast food from McDonalds, but you will usually find a parking space.

However there is a large overflow parking behind the shops, also used for deliveries to the stores; an alley next to Argos gives pedestrian access to the overflow car park.


MHDC town car parks

Details of Malvern Hills District Council car parks and charges can be found on their website.

Click for MHDC parking

There are two long stay 'pay and display' car parks opposite the Malvern Splash leisure centre.

A new charge of 1.50 for parking all evening after 4:00 pm has been introduced for the benefit of visitors.

Parking in the Victoria Road car park in Malvern Link is free.

Residents can purchase a Timewheel permitting up to 2 hours parking.

Note: the concession for residents with Timewheels to park for free for more than 2 hours after 6:00 pm has been withdrawn


Parking on the Malvern Hills

Details of car parks on the Malvern Hills, and charges, can be found on The Malvern Hills Trust (MHT) website.

Click for Malvern Hills Trust parking

The parking charge is expensive, if for example you only want to walk  your dog for 30 minutes, but residents paying the precept through their council tax can obtain a parking permit for a small fee from the MHT office in Priory Road.


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