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This page contains links to some of the other pages of this website which mention either a casualty of the Great War, people who participated, a memorial, or a hospital.

It is not a full or even a partial account, but simply a pointer to snippets of information which may be of interest to historians.

In 2014 a comprehensive survey of the war memorials in Malvern was undertaken by the Malvern Family History Society, and extensive research into casualties has been being undertaken by volunteers at Malvern Museum in memory of those who died in the 1914 - 1918 war.

Malvern Museum has published three very interesting soft cover books about the Great War, based on extracts from local newspapers of the time; see references below.

Local links

Roll of the fallen, Great Malvern library

Lists the men of Malvern who fell in both world wars

The war memorial, Great Malvern library

Photo of the memorial in front of the library.

Roll of the fallen, Great Malvern Priory

About the memorial in Great Malvern Priory.

The fallen of Barnards Green

Traders website listing the men of Barnards Green who fell in the Great War.

Roll of the fallen, St Mary's, Guarlford

Roll of the fallen St Mary's church Guarlford.

Memorial plaque, St Mary's, Madresfield

A plaque to three men who fell in the Great War.

Choristers' memorial, St Leonard's, Newland

About the men named on the choristers' memorial in the church.

Great Malvern cemetery

General information about the history of the cemetery including notes on the Commonwealth War Graves.

Davenham then and now

Briefly mentions Lansdowne Hospital taking in wounded soldiers.

Nelson John, a soldier of the Great War

About a Canadian soldier whose father retired to Malvern Wells.

Nurse Ethel Mary Lewis

The adventures of a local nurse in the Great War.

Malvern schools then and now

Mentions a number of casualties, as do the biographies of the Malvern teachers listed in the Biography section of the History Menu.

Further afield

The village of Hanley Swan

An article about local churches which includes the war memorial at St Gabriel's and the roll of the fallen in Hanley Swan Village Hall.

Michie hospital in London

About a Voluntary Aid Detachment hospital in Kensington.

Farnborough Court Red Cross hospital

About a Voluntary Aid Detachment hospital.

Len Cundell (racehorse trainer)

About a farmer who was in the Army Remount Service, and whose land was compulsorily purchased in order to build RAF Harwell.

Lawrie Hugh McGavin (surgeon)

About a surgeon at the Michie hospital.

Reverend George Shaw Munn

About a clergyman whose sons became military officers.

Charles Edward Murray Puckle

About an Australian soldier who died at Gallipoli

Stephen Craddock (mayor of Wolverhampton)

About a mayor whose two youngest sons died in the Great War

Family history - John Brown

Mentions William Brown, Manchester Regiment, a father of six, who died in the Great War.

Petrol can factory

Article that includes a photo of a factory that produced two gallon petrol cans during the Great War

Lest we forget

A record of casualties discovered while researching families.

External Links

Malvern College

About the former pupils and masters of Malvern College who fell in the Great War

Malvern Remembers

A marvellous website containing the results of research into the men of Malvern who fell in the Great War.

Colwall War Memorial

Colwall war memorial at St James

Photograph of Malvern Wells War Memorial

Located at grid reference: OS 773424

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The definitive record of Commonwealth soldiers who fell in two world wars.

St John's School Leatherhead War Memorial Archive

The website commemorates past pupils and two members of staff who fought and lost their lives in the First World War.

Winchester College at War

Lists the former pupils who fell in the Great War.


Malvern Museum publications:

  1. Malvern in the Great War 1914
  2. Malvern in the Great War 1915
  3. Malvern in the Great War 1916 to 1919


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