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Roll of the Men of Malvern who fell in the Great War


Roll of the fallen

Panel 1

Panel 2

Panel 3

Record of Malvern men who served in the Great War

Roll of the fallen

Memorial to fallen of the Great WarAs you enter the library by the left hand door, opposite you will see a memorial to the men of Malvern who 'fell' in the Great War.

It takes the form of a tryptic. The front panel is hinged on the left hand side, and swings open to reveal a further two panels.

It contains the names of about 400 casualties.

To mark the centenary of the start of the Great War a full transcription can now be found in the Malvern Museum of Local History. To quote:

A new Roll of Honour has been created and installed in the window of the Twentieth Century Room. The names of 430 men who were killed or died as a result of the Great War are listed. A folder near the window provides additional information for each man.

Information about these men can also be found in:

  •  a notebook recording 'those that served' which is held in the Reference section of Malvern library
  • the Commonwealth War Graves Commision website
  • the Malvern Remembers website

Panel 1

The inscription of the first panel at Malvern library reads:

These are the names of the men of Malvern who fell in the Great War 1914-1918.

To commemorate their sacrifice, the people of Malvern erected in 1923 in the garden of this library the bronze figure by Richard Goulden, which represents the spirit of youth victorious over difficulties, holding aloft the light he has saved from extinction.

W M Ackrill

Douglas Harry Ackworth

John Arden Ackworth

Winford Allington

John Gerrard Annal

C Archer

Christopher Attwood

George Baggott

Frederick G Baker

W Thomas Banford

Samuel Bannister

Henry Barber

Richard Barber

Francis Samuel Barton

Wheeler Henry Charles Barton

Arnold C Bartho

Harry Beale

Harry Beeden

William Bertram Bennett

Edward Bird

Charles Henry Bishop

E Bishop

Percy John Bishop

William Bishop

William Arthur Innocens Blandford

Charles Thomas Bond

James Henry Boucher

Thomas Bowley

Albert Somers Bray

Archibald Bray

William Bridge

George Brodie

Reginald C Brookes

George Robert Brooks

Frederick Bruton

James Bunegar

Arthur Bunn

Albert Burdock

James A Burston

Walter Edward Burston

Alfred William Butler

Alfred William Butler

Charles Henry Butler

William F Butt

Albert Caines

J W Ronald Campbell

Herbert Chant

Leonard Chant

Charles Henry Chidgey

Herbert Clark

Walter James Clingo

William Joseph Coldrick

Charles William Herbert Coleman

Edwin Herbert Coleman

William Coombes

Percy William Cooper

Oswald Arthur James Cotterell

Dudley Farr Cox

William Coyle

Cyril Frederick Crapp

Wilfred J Crews

John Leslie Crome

Ernest John Crouch

Francis Edward Cubberley

James Sidney Cutter

Richard Dance

Herbert Ellis Davison

Geoffrey Reynold Day

William Francis Dean

Eric Ian Kircup Dent

Frank A Diehl

George Henry Dovey

Donald Litt Downes

Albert Edward Drinkwater

John Dutfield

George Rowland Durrant

Albert Eacock

Rowland Joseph Eales

William F E East

Panel 2

Panels 2 and 3 of Malvern memorialLlewllyn A Edwards

Cecil H Ellison

Arthur J S Evans

Percy Edward Evans

William Henry Evans

Stanley Colt Faber

Joseph Farley

Raymond Thomas Faulk

John Fielder

Hugh Gregory Fitton

Ivor Fitzhugh

Thomas Flanagen

Geoffrey Ford

Alfred Samuel Foster

Cyril H Rowland Foxwell

Edward Freeman

Arthur Hugh Coutney Galbraith

Charles Garbett

Ernest George Garbett

Archibald Garbutt

John Gardiner

P Gardiner

Mornington George Giles

Arthur Edgecombe Gillam

Charles Giraudeau

Henry Goodingham

Horace William Archibald

George Goodyear Goodman

James Henry Goodyear

John Herbert Goodyear

William Grendon

Sir Henry Foley Grey

Walter Neil Griffin

George Griffiths

Arthur Grubb

George Herbert Richmond Grubb

John Guilding

Ralph A Gwynne

Walter Gwynne

Harry Lawrence Hadley

Thomas Morris Haffield

Walter Henry Hale

Arthur Henry Hammond

Charles Edward Hammond

Joseph William Hammond

Ralph Longhurst Hancock

Wilfrid John Hancock

Frederick W Handy

Allan Harbage

Ernest William Harbage

Cecil John Hardy

Harold Harris

Owen Harris

Francis Joseph Harrison

Allen Richard Hart

Sidney Joseph Hart

Walter Reginald Hart

David John Hartwell

George William Harwood

William Haughton

Thomas Heath

William George J Heath

Henry Heathcote

Arthur Higley Hemming

Frank Hemming

Albert Hewitt

Cecil Hewitt

Reginald Harry Hickling

John Hicks

George Hill

Harry Richard Hill

Septimus Hill

Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill

Thomas Bernard Hill

William Hill

William Joseph Hill

Charles James Willoughby Hobbs

Robert Edwin Holden

George Houghton

Malcolm Hutchinson House

Frederick Howis

Ernest Henry Huntington

A George Hurren

Cyril Compton Jackson

John W Jeakes

Victor C A Jeaves

William Gardner Jeynes

Cyril Edward Jines

Ernest Jinks

Bertram Johnson

Joseph Johnson

Arthur R Jones

Daniel J Jones

George R Jones

Henry Jones

Thomas Reginald Jones

Walter Victor Jones

William Jones

William Jones

William Arthur Jones

Harold Reuben Joyner

Charles F Keen

J Kemp

John Wilfred Kemp

Alfred Kent

Ernest Kent

Joseph William King

George Henry Kitsull

George A Knock

Arthur Edwin Kyte

A F Gerald Lambert

Joseph Albert Layland

Hubert Charles Layton

Herbert Lee

Cecil Douglas Leeke

Herbert Edward Lewis

Percy A Lloyd-Jones

Thomas Lyne

Harold Madge

Harold Charles Maile

Richard Malvern

Thomas Frederick Malvern

Edward Marchant

William Marchant

George Thomas Marsh

Robert Samuel Marsh

John P Martin

William Martin

Frederick Mason

Victor J Meese

Albert John Meredith

Rudolf Michell

John Lewis Moilliet

Roland Monk

Christopher Morris

Francis Armel Morris

Frederick C Morris

James Henry Morris

William Morris

Panel 3

Fallen of Malvern, panel 3W Moseley

Frederick George Nash

Jack Nelson

Henry Norman John Angus Orr-Ewing

William Osborne

William Edward Osborne

Dennis F O'Shea

Wynne Owen

Charles Page

Frank William Page

R F Page

Cyril Harley Panter

Albert Panting

Harold James Parker

William Peplow

L H Perrins Phillips

W Phillips

Archibald Hugh Pitt

John Plummer

Leonard Pointer

Rev Edward Masters Poole

Albert Potter

Frederick George Powell

T Powell

William Powell

William Francis Powell

J Powis

Herbert Pratt

Charles Edwin Preece

Ernest Preece

Felix Preece

James F Pressdee

Victor William Price

Ralph Pritchard

A Edward Rea

William A Rendall

Arthur Edward Reynolds

Frederick Richings

Charles Rimmer

Richard Roan

John Yate Robinson

H Ellis Robinson

Herbert James Rodway

Cyril Frank Roper

William James Rothin

Reginald Rouse

George William Rowberry

Joseph James Edward Rowberry

Hewens T Rowlands

Archibald Henry Russell

William John Alfred Sanders

Harold George Saunders

Leonard W Saunders

N C Sayer

Ernest Wilmot Scallon

Richard Schofield

Thomas Schofield

Harry Walter Scott

F Scrivens

Reginald Albert Sefton

Guy Sellers

Philip Sellers

George Shaw

Roland G Shephard

Samuel Sidley

W S Slade

Gilbert Slater

Albert Frederick Smith

Albert Thomas Smith

F Albert Smith

George Ernest Smith

Harry Smith

John Joseph Smith

Stephen Henry Smith

John Sorrell

Leonard Charles Sparrey

Robert Gordon Spawton

Hugh Bayfield Spear

Ernest Spilsbury

James Frederick Spilsbury

Jesse Spragg

Harry Staunton

Herbert Philip Stone

Allan N Styles

Horace Stanley Sudlow

Roland Henry Summers

William Harold Surrell

Charles R Sutton

Humphry Nisbet Swann

John Henry Tandy

William Tandy

Frank Percy Tate

William Henry Taylor

Reginald Edward Thomas

Reginald Paul Thompson

Victor Herbert Thompson

Martin George Timmins

Walter John Tipton

Reginald Tudge

Reginald Tudge

Alfred Noel Turner

Albert John Turbill

Arthur Twinberrow

Walter Underhill

Joseph Arthur Underwood

Albert Henry Vaughan

Edgar William Venner

Charles Waite

Charles Frederick Walford

Henry John Walford

Walter Walker

William John Walker

Frederick William Wareham

Lawrence John Wareham

Archibald Charles Warner

R Tummy Washington

Edward Waugh

Thomas Webb

Victor William Webb

W Victor Webb

Thomas Henry Mervin Welsh

Charles Whatmore

George Whiting

William J Whittle

Edward Wilson Wilkinson

Albert Henry Willer

Stanley Willett

James E Williams

J Victor Williams

Kenneth C Williams

Fancis Cornwall Williamson

Cyril Edward Jack Wilson

Harry Martin Windsor

Harry Wood

Harry Wood

R Hartland Woods

Arthur Woodyatt

Charles Gilbert Andree Wylde

Frank Bailey Perkins

Record of Malvern men who served in the Great War

Within the reference section of Malvern library, on the bottom shelf is a worn quarto notebook entitled:

Record of Malvern men who served in his Majesty's forces in the war 1914 - 1918

Within the notebook are written in manuscript the names and addresses of Malvern men who served in the Great War, their regiment and rank where known, and whether the man either fell, was discharged due to sickness or injury, or returned. The pages are, helpfully, alphabetically indexed.

(The names of men from the outlying villages of Guarlford, Madresfield, Newland, Hanley Swan and Hanley Castle generally do not seem to appear, but more information can be found by clicking the preceeding links.)

Below is an image of the first page, to give you an idea of the information that can be found.

Click to display page in a separate window

Page one of Malvern men who served in the Great War

The Ackworth brothers

At the bottom of the page  are the names of the Ackworth brothers, and in the margin is a touching note that their father wished that 'both sons names should be listed together':

Ackworth Douglas Harry, of The Palms, Orchard Road. 55th Coake's Rifles, Indian Army, 9 SOII General Staff Egyptian EF, Major, Military Cross, Order of the Nile. Wounded, died of pneumonia.

Ackworth John Arden, of The Palms, Orchard Road. 2nd Lt 1/7 Worcs Reg. Fallen.

They were just two of the 513 casualties of Winchester College.

Their father Harry is buried in Great Malvern cemetery; click to read more about Harry Arbuthnot Ackworth.

Hugh Bayfield Spear

Major Hugh Bayfield Spear, Gloucestershire Regiment, appears in the Roll of the Fallen, but in the record of the 'Men that Served', alongside is written 'died of wounds 1922'. The National Probate Calendar confirms Hugh died at sea on 24th October 1922. According to the Malvern Remembers website, the Malvern News had reported 'he was severely wounded in the Second Battle of Ypres, and his right arm is permanently disabled'. Hugh Bayfield Spear, born at Great Malvern in 1882, was the second son of Rev Thomas Spear (1851-1928), senior mathematics master at Malvern College, and Mary Helena Bayfield.

The 1911 census recorded Hugh at home and his occupation at that time was 1st Lieutenant, Nigerian Regiment, which suggests he had chosen a military career.

Hugh's elder brother Alfred Gerald Bayfield Spear was appointed Lieutenant in the Ist South Midlands Brigade, Royal Field Artillery on 28th September 1914; later he became a Captain with the 61st Divisional Ammunition Column.

Alfred survived the Great War and in 1919 married Gladys Cressy Killby the daughter of civil engineer Charles Cressy Horsley. Gladys was the widow of Chester Winterbon Killby. Her first husband, Lieutenant Chester Winterbon Killby, C Battery, 307th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery had been killed on 21st March 1918 aged 35 years; he had worked at the Stock Exchange in London and they had married in 1910.

Hugh's sister Ethel Mary Spear married 'Rancher' Henry Gillyatt at Great Malvern Priory in 1907. They had one son, Charles Edward Spear Gillyatt, born October 1907 in Argentina where Ethel sadly died in childbirth the next year. In 1911 Charles was living with his grandparents in Great Malvern. He married Rosamond Elizabeth Benwell Bird the daughter of a solicitor at Great Malvern in 1937 and had interests abroad.

Hugh's sister Dorothy did not marry and died at Great Malvern in 1958.

More about the notebook

To help you locate the notebook in the library here is a picture of the cover and below that images from the inside leaf with the shelf number.

(Note: you can view, but not borrow, books in the Reference section, and to gain access you may need to ask the librarian to unlock the glass door of the bookcase).

Malvern men who served in the Great War

names of Malvern Men who
have served in his Majesty's
Forces in the war 1914-1918'

Inside leaf of notebook

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