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Malvern schools then and now

Transcription from Littlebury's Malvern Trade Directory 1873

The Education Act of 1870 introduced a framework for the elementary education of children between the ages of 5 and 10 years. This would lead to better education of the poor, but perhaps had a lesser effect on the middle classes who were already paying to send their children to private schools. Many of these private school probably had of the order of 30 pupils, much smaller than schools today.

The largest boys' school in Great Malvern in 1873 would have been Malvern College which opened its doors in January 1865. There was no comparable girls' school then. The most significant girls' schools at that time were probably those in Abbey Road; for example Miss Cooper's school at Malvernbury, which was a forerunner of Lawnside, and Miss Jay's at Wellington House.

Schools - Gentlemen

Essex Thomas (boarding), May Place, Malvern Wells

Fiddes Mrs S H, Lansdowne Academy, 12 Lansdowne Crescent, Great Malvern

Fisher Bernard William, MA, (boarding), Bredon House, Worcester Road, Great Malvern

Ford Rev Edward, MA, (boarding), Hillside, and Beacon Cottage, West Malvern

Gedge Rev William Wilberforce, MA, (preparatory), Old Well House, Malvern Wells

Hays Edward Roger C, BA, and Sewell Rev Arthur , MA, (boarding), Southlea, Albert Road, Great Malvern

Malvern College, Great Malvern; The Malvern Proprietary College Company, Limited, proprietors; Rev Arthur Faber, MA, head master; Henry Aldrich Esq, secretary (see advert at commencement of descriptive matter)

Marshall Mrs, (preparatory),Charlecote, Great Malvern

Perkins Rev Richard (Boarding), Hazel Bank, Malvern Link

Tyrer John (boarding), Scarborough House, Cowleigh road, North malvern

Weiss Egmont, North Cottage, Bank Street, Malvern

Wilson Henry, BA, (boarding), Holly Mount, Worcester Road, Great Malvern

Young Rev Frederick William, MA, (boarding), Etonhurst, Barnard's Green, Great Malvern

Schools - Ladies

Burston Miss M A, Netley House, North Malvern

Cooper Miss, (boarding), Malvernbury, Abbey road, Great Malvern

Dix Miss, Belvoir House, North Malvern

Edmunds Miss, Ivybourne, Malvern Wells

Finigan Miss L, St Cuthberts, Great Malvern

Fletcher and Wagner, The Misses, (boarding), Cambridge House, Malvern Wells

Garlick The Misses, Hill House, Barnard's Green, Great Malvern

Gilbert Mrs George, (boarding), Elmsdale House, Abbey Road, Great Malvern

Holdcroft Mrs S J, (day), Malvern Wells

James Miss ME, (boarding), The Moorlands, Link Common, Great Malvern (see advert page 22)

Jay Miss Elizabeth, (boarding), Wellington House, Abbey Road, Great Malvern

Jeffreys, The Misses Eliza and Fanny, (boarding), 36 and 37 Lansdowne Crescent, Great Malvern

Marshall Mrs M, Hazeldean, Victoria Road, Great Malvern

Pidgeon The Misses, Brougham House, St James road, Great Malvern

Price Miss M A, 1 Westbourne Terrace, Malvern Link

Smith Miss, (boarding), Manse, Malvern Wells

Turner Miss Margaret, (boarding), St Ann's Hill, Link Top, Great Malvern

Williams Miss, Park Villa, Malvern Link

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