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Local history - Malvern schools then and now

More about Southlea school and its founder

The following lists provide a snapshot of numbers at the school on census night. The census returns indicate pupils were attracted from all over the United Kingdom, so the school must have had a good reputation and advertised widely.

1911 roll

1901 roll

1891 roll

1881 roll

1871 roll

About Arthur Sewell (Principal, 1871-1873)

About Edward Roger Cooper Hays the founder of Southlea School

Southlea school roll 1911

Hugh Edmund Wood 36

Mildred Mary Wood 31

Florence Beatrice Gibbs 26

Marjorie Judith Sugden 21

Bertha Adams 27

William Jevons 21

Leslie Jack Roskams 14

Letham Alan Webber Jones 12

Bemard Duggleby 10

Eustace Charles Keble 12

Robert Victor Jackson 10

Arthur Stannus Jagger 12

Henry Robert Colegrove 11

Charles Eric Palgrave Hooker 12

Rossington Hugh Wood 14

Stanley Gerald Tennyson Holme 11

Arthur Gerald Oxar Andrew 11

Francis John Keble 11

Arthur Gordon Gregor 11

Eric Duggleby 8

Theophilus Henry Cecil Teague 11

John Howard Chalk 9

Geoffrey Thomas Hotchkin 12

Stephen John Guest Gornell 9

Leslie Colbatch Clark 7

Derek Bernhard Smith 9

William Walter 9

Ian Laurence Henderson Mackelot 6

Wilfred Fitz Gerald Wood 7

Richard Shepheard 59

Arthur John Ogilvie 32

Alfred Charles Taylor17

Charles James Zarram 40

George William Percival Kins 30

Southlea school roll 1901

Hugh N Fowler 47

Gertrude M Fowler 38

Elinor M Fowler 13

Evelyn G Fowler 12

Hugh C Fowler 8

Reginald C Fowler 1

Mary B Fowler 40

Dorothy F M Fowler 10

John E Hubert

George A L Barnes 24

Donald H C Drake 13

Arthur B Fowler 13

Leonard S Kerch 12

Cecil H Chandler 12

William G Tremont 11

William F Carden 9

Robin T Barlow 10

Noel A Barlow 9

Staart W H Hutton 9

Mary Parsons 24

Caroline Morris36

Emma Foxhall 44

Kate Eliza Lowe 21

Gertrude E Allcott 16

Mary E Stephens 16

Southlea school roll 1891

Samuel Lathan 56

Emily F Lathan 43

Mabel Lathan 13

Ethel J Mayhew 23

Charles L Mayhew 15

George W Sparrow 14

John A G Sparrow 10

Hugh Ashton 13

Cornelius S Cardew 12

Charles E Darling 14

Arthur C Darling 13

Edward S Donisthorpe 13

Frank W Donisthorpe 12

Richard A S Hill 11

Bawdon H St B Laurie 12

Frank E Lord 13

Herbert J J Peele 11

John E M Rogers10

Richard B Spence 9

Richard G Warren 13

Longuet M Derbyshire 11

Mary Roberts 34

Annie C Hale 22

Ellen Roberts 16

Sarah J Smith 17

Emma Press 31

Ruth Mitchell 28

Southlea school roll 1881

Samuel Latham 46

Emily Latham 33

Ernest Latham 12

Henry Latham 10

Mabel Latham 3

John Latham 11

Robert Gordon 14

Cecil E.M. Lewis 13

John N. Cross 11

Henry F.B. Williams 12

George Lord 13

Septimus A. Parkes 11

William W.G. Webb 13

Albert S. Wood 10

Richard E.W. Jennings 10

Thomas G. Sor Lambert 10

John B. Paget 10

Charles J. Paget 11

Oswold S. Bartleet 10

Henry Knowles 9

John Gordon 14

Edward H. Day 11

George H. Schwind 11

Thomas H. Wood11

Sarah Osborn 20

Mary Roberts 24

Emily A. Walker 23

Deborah Rowley 23

Eliza Tricklebank 19

Sarah A. Underwood 16

Southlea school roll 1871

Susan Richards 45

Edward T Houghton 24

Maria Carslake 31

Sarah A Dunovant 19

Sarah A Davis 21

Sarah A Jones 18

Fanny Bentley 27

Fredrick Cave 19

Charles M Coates 14

Ratcliffe Crump 11

Fredrick Brammell 13

Edward W Blattwart 15

Farquar Campbell 12

John L Probyn 13

Hewall R Wigreen 13

Alananda R Wigreen11

Walter H Ford 8

Earnest W Moore 11

Charles P Moore 13

Arthur H Cockram 14

Edward W Harris 13

Henry S Harris 10

William O Harris 8

Richard Dighton 11

Alfred T Watson 11

Reginald H Williams 12

Herbert Bracewell 12

Henry Scobell 12

Charles P Aynsley 9

Henry F Lambert 10

Robert W Rushbrooke 13

Howard Gerisa 12

Percy A S Heckley 13

Marek Hertchman 13

George D C Wheeler 12

Lorenzo G Jephson 11

Arthur Wrigley 13

Herbert Somers Cocks 9

John Cockburn 12

Rev Arthur Sewell (Principal, 1871-1873)

Arthur Sewell (1841 - 1947), born on the Isle of Wight, was the son of Robert Burleigh Sewell and Eliza Isabella Fenwick. He was educated at Radley and Oxford and entered into Holy Orders in 1866. From 1866 to 1871 he was an assistant master at Malvern College.

From 1871 to 1873 he was Principal of Southlea School. He moved on to teach at other preparatory schools and lived to 106.

He married Mary Lee Waring and was the father of British military doctor and zoologist Lt Col Robert Beresford Seymour Sewell CIE, FRS (1880-1964).


Stories about former pupils, legacies and the census returns suggest Southlea school was founded by Edward Roger Cooper Hays who was born in Tewkesbury about 1831. He was the son of Cheltenham solicitor Henry John Whitaker Cooper Roger Hays (b Norfolk 1783 d Cheltenham 1836).

The 1851 census records Edward Hays as an undergraduate at Pembroke College Oxford staying with his brother William, a solicitor.

The 1861 census records Edward Hays as a schoolmaster BA Oxon and his sister Ellen, at an address simply given as 'School' in Albert Road close to Lawnside. There is another schoolmaster and four servants but only 5 pupils, suggesting the school was only just starting.

Ten years later in 1871 the Head of house is recorded as Susan Richards but helpfully a note has been added saying that she was the cousin of Mr 'Hayes' headmaster who is away from home. Records confirm that Susan was the daughter of Edward's aunt Charlotte Hays who married Robert Richards. So it seems Edward Hays still owned Southlea when there were 31 pupils in early 1871. Possibly Edward Hays then went into partnership with Rev Arthur Sewell (see above) who was Principal from about 1871 to 1873

Kelly's Trade Directory of 1872 lists Hays, Edward RC, MA, preparatory school for Eton and Harrow, Southlea, Malvern while Littlebury's directory of 1873 lists Hays, Edward Roger C and Sewell Rev Arthur MA, boarding school for young gentlemen, Southlea, Albert Road.

By 1881 Edward Hays is described as a Lithographic Master Printer employing 3 men, a  visitor at the home of solicitor Lauriston Dickes. The head of house at Southlea in 1881 was Samuel Latham a Clerk in Holy Orders who was still at the school in 1891.

In 1891 Edward Hays is recorded as a printer and manufacturer living in Farley Road, Malvern Link, not far from the present traffic lights.

In 1901 clergyman Hugh Newell Fowler was headmaster at Southlea and in 1911 the headmaster was Hugh Edmund Wood.

Edward Roger Cooper Hays married first in 1867 schoolmistress Catherine Mary Day nee Pope the widow of curate Edward Day who had two small children, Agnes Catherine Mary Day and Edward Day. In 1873 Edward Hays married second Louisa Kingsbury by whom he had a daughter Margaret Ellen Hays. He retired to 'The Mythe' at the seaside town of Bognor in Sussex, where he died on 26th June 1900.

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