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An illustrated stroll around Great Malvern

Malvern Priory seen from park gate

This walk is suitable for people who are reasonably fit and can manage steps. Choose a sunny day, and start at the main entrance to Malvern Theatres in Grange Road.

If you are coming by car, the best place to park is in the large Pay and Display car park (Southlea) in Priory Road opposite the Splash (OS777457). From there you can walk through Priory Park, up the rear steps into Malvern Theatres and out the front door to the main entrance.

Proceed South 50 yards towards the entrance into Priory Park. Look across the road and you will glimpse Malvern Priory and the Abbey Hotel car park.

Cross the road and you will find an alley leading into the churchyard where Darwin's daughter is buried.

Follow the tarmac drive to the entrance to the Priory and pop in for a quick look. Then go up the steps opposite the entrance and bear left to leave the churchyard.

Alley at exit to churchyard looking towards site of the Crown hotel, now Lloyds TSB

The churchyard leads into a narrow alley, where you will find an art galley (since closed) and secondhand bookshop. Opposite is the site of the Crown Hotel.

Left, site of Crown hotel, right site of Belle Vue hotel
Lloyds TSB sign

The building on the left (above) is now Lloyds TSB bank, but it was the site of the Crown Hotel which Dr James Wilson leased to create his first Water Cure establishment in 1842 (see plaque below).

The smart frontage suggests the original building may have been replaced or re-fronted.

Later as the water cure business grew, a special purpose building known as the 'Establishment' was built (now known as Park View - see short history of Malvern page).

When the 'Water Cure' waned the 'Establishment' became known as the County Hotel and later as Park View

Plaque on Lloyds RSB building commemorating the Water Cure

The Belle Vue Hotel stood to the right of the Crown. Today the portico is gone and the ground floor has been converted into retail units.

Proceeding North along the Worcester Road you will pass WH Smith and an alley leading to Robson Ward's furniture store - if you are looking for something traditional or special you might find it here. 

In the courtyard adjacent to the shop you will find the Bottling Works Spring, where Malvern Water was first bottled by brothers William Becket Burrow (1825 - 1913) and John Severn Burrow   in the 1850s. Bottling ceased here in the 1950s. Water for the Bottling Works Spring was piped from St Ann's Well, which was the most popular of the Malvern wells in the 19th Century.

Across the road is HSBC bank, and a narrow lane leading to Waitrose and a Wilkinson's store

HSBC bank, 1 Church St, Great MAlvern

The Royal Library now Barclays Bank can be seen in the image below, along with the steeple of Holly Mount United Reformed Church in the distance.

Barclays bank formerly the Royal Library

Proceeding North along Worcester Road you will pass the Unicorn Inn and a turning to St Anne's Well where there is a short stay car park and the Malvern Book Cooperative, where you can browse and get a cup of coffee.

Further up the main street is the Bran Tub where you can purchase Health Foods. Past the turning to Holly Mount is Brays outfitter's, stocking outdoor wear, footwear and traditional clothing for both men and women.

Brays of Malvern

Returning back to Belle Vue Terrace, past the Foley Arms Hotel on the left, you will find a statue of Sir Edward Elgar alongside some large rocks - known as the Enigma Fountain, and the Malvinia Water Feature, designed by Rose Garrard. At the latter near the steps up to the main road,  you  and your dog can get a drink - but remember to bring a cup for yourself, your canine friend can drink from the trough! Statue of Sir Edward Elgar

Looking East below Belle Vue Terrace you will see Great Malvern Post Office, stocking stationery and Thornton's chocolates.

Great Malvern Post Office

Nearby across the road in Church Street you will see Elts shoe shop and an outdoor shop, stocking outdoor clothing and walking boots. The road is pretty steep here, so you would find it hard work controlling a heavy push chair or wheelchair.

Elts shoe shop and the Outdoor shop next door Malvern Tourist Information Centre

The Tourist Information Centre is located at the top of Church Street next to the Outdoor shop. The staff are very helpful and you will find lots of information  about Malvern and the surrounding area.

Proceeding down Church Street you will pass Boots the Chemist, a butcher's shop stocking tasty sausages (since closed), and Gordon Smith's stocking furnishings, kitchen utensils and tableware. On the left an alleyway leads to Wilkinson's and Waitrose. Nearby you can pop into Cafe Nero for a coffee, or cross the road to get a snack at the Christian resource centre, the Lyttelton Well.

Proceed down to the traffic lights and turn right to return to the Malvern Theatres.

The rear entrance of Malvern Theatres (see photo below) leads out down steep steps into Priory Park. Look for the  hand rails towards the sides of the steps.

Rear of  Malvern Theratres

From there you can walk past the band-stand and bridge over Priory Pool (see below) to the Malvern Splash. On your way you can sit and enjoy views of the hills, feed the ducks, or have a swim, before returning to your car in Southlea car park opposite the Splash.

Priory pool

We hope you enjoyed this short 'virtual' stroll around Great Malvern. You can find out more about this area by following the links below.

Rose Bank Gardens

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Cora Weaver and Bruce Osborne, Aquae Malvernensis, The Springs and Fountains of the Malvern Hills, printed by Aldine Press, 1994, ISBN 1-873-809-07-7

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