A view from Eastertown farm

 The Village of Quothquan

Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of Scottish churches that can be visited from Quothquan.

The first photo shows the ruins of the chapel which lies almost hidden behind the village hall. It fell into disuse after the parish merged with Libberton and was used as a school room from 1724. About 1784 the building fell into a ruinous state and was used as a family burying-place by the Chancellor family of Shieldhill. The bell in the tower dates from 1641.

Chapel ruins at Quothquan

The photo below shows Libberton Kirk, taken on a rainy day. The church lies on high ground with good views towards Tinto. The church dates from about 1800.. There is a plaque recording ancestors of British Prime Minister Gladstone and an Ordnance Survey Bench Mark G557. Benchmark G556 is on the wall of the Smiddy at Quothquan.

Libberton Kirk in 2008

The photo below shows part of Biggar Kirk which is surrounded by a large churchyard. It is an interesting place to visit and services are said to be well attended. There is no car parking so best to park in the High Street. Some parts of the High Street are time limited so good idea to check the signs.

Biggar Kirk in 2009

The last photo was taken in the Royal Mile of Edinburgh looking towards St Giles Cathedral. Many years ago a relative was married in the registry office nearby

St Giles cathedral, Edinburgh