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Archived 3rd Feb 2013, apart from cosmetic changes to header of page, as largely supplemented by new A-Z index .

The menu buttons of the top navigation bar, which are the same on every page, correspond to the bold headings shown below.

The lower navigation bar is context sensitive, and changes as a result of clicking the buttons on the top menu.

Where a further (eg third) level of links is needed the links appear in the main body of the page. The 'greater than' sign shown below indicates links from a page.

We have also created an A to Z index to help you navigate the site. If you know what you are looking for you may find that the quickest way to find a topic or page.

The Site Map was frozen as of 3rd Feb 2013 but the A to Z Index is kept up to date.


What's New - on the website

Notice Board - with link to Malvern Gazette for up to date local news

Links - to other websites

> Links to local charities

Bing - link to search engine

Google - link to search engine

Guarlford - link to Guarlford Village website

Site Map - summary of website contents (this page)

Contact - how to contact us by email

About Us - about the website's authors

Index - A to Z Index, to help you find the page you want

Visiting Malvern

About Malvern - about the Malvern Hills area

Places to visit - local attractions

Travel - how to get to Malvern

Accommodation - where to stay


Motoring - garage services including where to buy petrol

Land Rover servicing

Looking after your car battery

Discovery V8 unreliability

Health and Safety

Safety in the home - putting commonsense into practise

Safety at work - some aspects to be aware of

Ergonomics for users of computers - tips for avoiding eyestrain and back-ache

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery main menu

Bangor university 60s reunion

Quothquan, Scotland village website

Link to Geograph website

Link to Google


> A stroll around Great Malvern

> Malvern library and war memorial

> A stroll down Abbey Road Great Malvern

> Rose Bank Gardens

> Shops in Worcester Road Great Malvern

> Out and about in Malvern Link

> Land Rover 60th anniversary show at Eastnor

> Ancestors, some old family photos

**Other albums (sub heading)

> History of the Michie hospital (1916 - 1919)

> Malvern community hospital

> Newland Fete and St Leonard's church

> A walk along Stokes Bay near Gosport

> Stuart and Hayfa's party

> Wucha Jawar Camp on North West Frontier

History menu

The 'History menu' button was added to the navigation bar of the Home Page on 8th January 2018 in order to take the reader directly to the menu of local and social history articles and biographies. This coincided with renaming the title of the Home Page 'Miscellany of Malvern'.

Other Resources

Other resources - main menu (points to miscellaneous pages)

> Timeline

> A short history of Malvern

> Table of constants and conversions

> The earthquake in Japan, 2011

> Handy household tips

> Owning an English Setter


Business - a list of shops, businesses, and services in Barnards Green, Malvern Link and Great Malvern

> A tour of Barnards Green shops


Blogs - list of topics we have views about

> South Worcestershire Development Plan

> Dangerous dogs

> Economics (under construction)

> Politics (under construction)

Eating out

Eating out - (placeholder, needs development)


Roots - main menu of family history section

> How to trace your family tree

> Relationship chart

> Ancestors (some old photos spanning 1898 to 1940)

> The family of John Brown (born: 1848, a baker, of Greenock, Scotland)

> The family of Henry Evans (born 1784, a businessman of Greenhill Lane, Derbyshire)

> The obituary of James McCulloch (born 1797, died 1849, Glasgow)

> Relatives and others in Southampton

> The will of Henry Evans of Greenhill Lane died 1864

> The will of Eliza Godber (nee Robinson) pf Lings died 1890

> Lest we forget


Religion - Section about local churches and religions of the world

> List of churches in Malvern

> History of Non Conformist churches in Malvern (past and present)

> The Churches and Chapels of Malvern (book review)

> About the philosophy of religion


History - main menu of local history, social history and biography pages

**Local history (sub heading)

> A short history of Malvern

> Out and about in Malvern Link

> A stroll around Great Malvern

> A stroll down Abbey Road in Great Malvern

> Rose Bank Gardens

> Shops in Worcester Road Great Malvern

> About Madresfield in Worcestershire

> Malvern schools then and now

> Malvern utilies then and now

> Davenham then and now includes biography of CW Dyson Perrins

> Malvern 1902 telephone directory

**Social history (sub heading)

> Companies then and now

> Michie hospital (1916 - 1919)

> Wucha Jawar Camp on North West Frontier

**Biographies (sub heading)

> McGavin, Lawrie Hugh (surgeon)

> Len Cundell racehorse trainer

Who is Who

Who is Who links to Malvern Councillors

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